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We can help you to solve:

  • contract contents and agreements and enforce their observance
  • damages, defects, and arrears of work
  • debts (obligations) or claims and liabilities
  • estates (homes, flats, plots)
  • employee relations
  • family relations
  • prosecutions
  • traffic accidents


Answer to your:„Why should we choose you?“
Because:You will get above-standard services for a standard price!
a and because:

We will carry through your interests and intentions.
We can remove any obstacles obstructing you.
We will provide you with expert support to accomplish your objectives.
We will protect you from losses and damages.
It is our mission to help.

„Good advice“

When you talk,.......... don’t read,
When you read,........ don’t write,
When you write,........ don’t sign,
And when you sign right away........don’t be surprised when you find you messed up!
Warning: When someone is pushing you into signing quickly, they want to cheat you.


How can we help you solve your problem or carry through your intentions?
This way:

  1. Contact us (phone, email or direct mail).
  2. Outline your problem or intention.
  3. We will suggest a plan on what to do and then advise how much it will cost.
  4. If you like our suggestion, you may (but don’t have to) begin to work with us.
  5. Is this a quick enough start?
    If so, you have already made a first step, because you have just found an invaluable source of support and a great team-mate.
  6. If that sounds good to you, let’s carry on!

Lawyers of AK MKP



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     +420 596 634 765 Ostrava
     +420 222 190 044 Praha
     T-mobile:        605 564 321
     O2:                721 018 393
     Vodafone:       776 532 129
     Skype: Skype status moural.kopecky
     ICQ:    497066745 497 066 745
     Public transport:: Tram. 4, 8, 9, 11, 12 a 18
     Tram stop: Dům energetiky

702 00 Ostrava, Moravská Ostrava
ul. 28 řijna 150, (next to Dum Energetiky)

110 02 Prague 1
Klimentská 1216/46 (near Czech Ministry of Transport)

639 00 Brno
Holandská 878/2, (near Rondo Arena)

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