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Company profile

Founding and development of the company

The law firm MOURAL KOPECKY & PARTNERS (hereinafter the “law firm”) is the legal successor to the consultancy company BENSCH & BENSCH, which commenced its activities according to Decision of Department for Private Entrepreneurship at Council of Ostrava, case number 02274C, dated 13.12.1990.

From the original small company, we have gradually developed into one of the leading law firms in North Moravia and over the years, we have helped more than 1000 clients. Thanks to excellent strategic management, the company succeeded in expanding its activities further and improving its competitiveness, even during the global economic crisis of 2008 and 2009.

The period from 14.12.2010 to 13.12.2020 will (and so far successfully does) mark the third decade of successful development of the company.


The long-term provision of legal services and enforcing the rights and legitimate interests of our clients has allowed us to gain specific experience and expertise in the areas of:

  • Forms of corporate management and decision making,which we can easily apply for the benefit of our clients (we have processed founding of numerous corporations and other trading companies, including application of the Corporate Governance Code based on OECD principles, which allows for a more effective form of company management and provides better investment security for stockholders).
  • Decision-making procedures of local regulatory bodies Decision-making procedures of local regulatory bodies in cities and municipalities, which can be used to facilitate the processing of our clients’ petitions.
  • Legal advice in the areas of specific regulation, such as energy, waste management, etc. As a member of the Association of Energy Managers, we have access to particular data and information on legislative developments that are proposed or are in preparation in the energy industry as well as in other specialized areas.
  • Resolution of civil and commercial contractual obligations (contracts and agreements), their preparation, conclusion, amendments, and termination or cancellation, as well as litigation if contractual obligations are not observed (defects in work, in supply, etc.)
  • Recovery of claims employing coercive measures such as seizures (tens of thousands cases), forced administration, winding-up proceedings, and bankruptcy.
  • Proprietary rights to immovables, their emergence, changes, and limitations, including rights specifically connected with line constructions such as roads.


The complete scope of our company can be found on our SERVICES page.