Our Team

Our Team

At present, our team consists of 29 members, 19 of which are lawyers – specialists focused on commercial law with specializations in corporate law, tendering, commercial contractual obligations, including recovery of claims and bankruptcy; civil law with particular emphasis on immovables, administrative procedural law, labor law, EU law, as well as criminal law, family law, housing law, etc.

JUDr. Jan Kotula, attorney-at-law, specializes in civil law, healthcare law (bodily harm claims), rights in rem (immovables), labor law (accidents at work, occupational health, and diseases), criminal law (road-traffic accidents and crime), victims’ rights.

JUDr. Jindřich Palička, attorney-at-law, specializes in civil law, insurance claims, family law, including settlement of divorces and community property of spouses. Other interests include labor law and criminal law.

JUDr. Ladislav Piterka, attorney-at-law, specializes in labor law, actual bodily harm and occupational disease claims, resolution of claims, damages and connected social-legal relations, housing law, insurance claims, and offense law in the field of road-traffic accidents, including their complex resolution.

JUDr. Lubomír Lukšík, attorney-at-law, specializes in criminal law, economic crime, drug crime, tax crime, civil law, corporate law, insolvency law.

JUDr. Rostislav Neuvirt, attorney-at-law, specializes in commercial law, tenure and rights in rem, including real estate developments, the ownership of immovables, right to build, tendering, copyright, claims arising from other reasons (unjust enrichment etc.), and industrial law.

JUDr. Stanislav Brtník, attorney-at-law, specializes in defense in the field of crime against life and health, drug crime, tax crime (and crime related to other compulsory payments), and administrative procedures related to military service.

Mgr. Ing. Vlastimil Burďák, attorney-at-law, specializes in civil and commercial law covering contractual relations, defects, recovery of claims, law in the field of public procurement. Also supports the development of foreign enterprises in Czech Republic and provides legal services related to foreign subjects, cooperatives, industrial law, and copyright.

Mgr. Bc. Kateřina Mikulášková, attorney-at-law, specializes in civil law, family law, including custodianship, changes and settlement of spouses’ property rights, tenure, ownership and transfer of property, community property, housing law, claims arising from lease, including cooperative shares, pledges and mortgages, commitments to alimony agreements, defense of juveniles, defense in property crime.

Mgr. Barbora Magočová, attorney-at-law, specializes in civil law, family law, prenuptial agreements, community property of spouses, divorces and settlement of property rights, claims and compensations for holidays from travel agencies, commitments stemming from legal acts and violations of these acts (sales agreements, supply under a contract, tenancy agreements, liabilities, contracts with a weaker party or B2B contracts), and unfair competition.

Mgr. Petr Křižák, MBA, LL.M., mediator and attorney-at-law, specializes in commercial law with an international element, civil law, charities, foundations, associations, contractual law (contracts and agreements), easements, mortgage law, rights of way, etc. Also obligations stemming from torts, offences, and orders for payments.

Mgr. Petra Králíková, attorney-at-law, specializes in civil law, absolute ownership, community ownership, including associations of unit owners, cooperative law, housing law, commitments stemming from legal acts and violations of these acts (sales, donation, and tenancy agreements), community ownership, claims arising from lease, including cooperative shares, and misdemeanour law, including the administration of offenses for councils.

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