Our Team

Our Team

At present, our team consists of 29 members, 19 of which are lawyers – specialists focused on commercial law with specializations in corporate law, tendering, commercial contractual obligations, including recovery of claims and bankruptcy; civil law with particular emphasis on immovables, administrative procedural law, labor law, EU law, as well as criminal law, family law, housing law, etc.


Managing Partners:

JUDr. Stanislav Moural, MBA, managing partner, consultant for statutory bodies, CEO and TOP management of corporations, trading companies, cooperatives and municipalities. Has a particular focus on the legislative framework of corporate strategic management, including its implementation into functional fields. Specializes in corporate law, competencies, and contractual obligations (contracts and ensuring their observance).

Mgr. Jaroslav Kopecký, managing partner, attorney in criminal law, specializes in traffic accidents and economic crime, including damage to natural or legal persons; international law – representation of Czech and foreign companies in the field of citizenship relations (employment and residence of foreign citizens in the Czech Republic).

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