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Our activities start on the day the deposit is paid. The remainder is requested upon completion of the service (upon handing over the comments, upon completion of a client’s representation, upon handing over the contract proposal or other documents, etc.). This outstanding payment is calculated on the basis of the real extent of and demand for the service.

The hourly rate of our legal service is 1000 - CZK (excl. VAT), rounded up to quarters of an hour.

Depending on the nature and demands of the individual case, this price can be adjusted by a discount (up to 50%) or surcharge (up to 200%).

When the client is represented at a court (e.g. a claim recovery) and/or at administrative bodies, the fees are derived from special legislation, as these fees are paid, providing that the case is decided in your favour, by the opposing party – as per the court’s decision.

Possible ways of employing our legal services:

Client’s request to provide legal services in matters:

  1. Extrajudicial.
  2. Judicial.

Types of services:

  1. One-off consultancy.
  2. First meeting for taking on legal representation for a single case.
  3. Taking on legal representation for multiple cases on the basis of an agency contract/authorisation.
  4. Preparation for court proceedings – meetings for supplementing the file upon the court’s request.
  5. Notification of the court’s decision – assumption of representation in the appeal process.
  6. Meeting with conveying of the result of our company’s legal activities in case of extrajudicial services (particularly commercial and civil law).

Services provided by our law firm are charged by one of the following methods:

  • One-off contractual payment of ……………….CZK excl. VAT or
  • Reward based on the time worked on the case with an hourly rate of the legal service being 1000 - CZK excl. VAT; the expected time demand is:…… hours, the total fees are therefore: ………… CZK, or
  • Reward based on the number of legal deeds, acc. to §7 and §11 of the by-law No. 177/1996 Coll.