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Moural Kopecký a Partneři


For corporations, we can...

  1. Assist in incorporation matters and changes of corporations.
  2. Resolve relations between partners and statutory bodies and/or employees.
  3. Assist with the transfer of shares.
  4. Organize shareholders’ meetings.
  5. Act as Secretaries to Boards of Directors.
  6. Prepare contracts and agreements.
  7. Represent you at local authorities.
  8. Prepare “Your” comments, including explanatory remarks, for any contracts or agreements presented to you.
  9. Cover the area of labor law, including employee training.
  10. Ensure the maintenance and updating of statutory documents.
  11. Cooperate in preparing strategic documents and adjust them to cover underutilized legal possibilities or, conversely, possible barriers.
  12. Assist in claim recovery.
  13. Represent you in the resolution of a defective supply or damages.
  14. Prepare tailor-made contracts and terms of trade, and then ensure their observance.
  15. Provide a competitive advantage..

For cities and municipalities, we can…

  1. Provide a complex solution to public procurement, including preparation of contracts.
  2. Offer legal consultations and written opinions towards problems in solution.
  3. Comment on any presented contracts (even by email), including explanatory notes (to protect the municipality and its representatives from damage).
  4. Participate in selected demanding negotiations with other bodies where a legal service can be beneficial.

For the aggrieved, we can...

  1. Make claims arising from road-traffic accidents or other damages.
  2. Represent victims in criminal proceedings.

For citizens, we can…

  1. Defend you against alleged claims.
  2. Represent you at court as well as at extrajudicial procedures.
  3. Prepare contracts for you in such a way that you are not “robbed” or “swindled”, and then ensure their observance.
  4. Protect both your money and immovables during real estate transfers.
  5. Correctly and effectively recover any money due to you.

For the prosecuted, we can…

  1. Provide defense services at a Czech Police building, court or any other bodies.
  2. Provide complex services for drivers.